Demetrius Holt is a pop culture icon who has parlayed a love of cosplay and nerd culture into a platform and brand designed to be a positive force for good in the Black community. Demetrius leapt to fame in 2018 with his portrayal of He-Man at the Baltimore Comic-Con, resulting in his image being reproduced all over the internet and being the subject of a 4-page article in Men’s Health magazine. He took that initial push of views and engagement to create his own brand and develop daily content on multiple platforms to spread and reinforce his message of inclusivity and support in the community he loves so much.

He’s now an actor and producer, who has been at the helm of an award-winning documentary on Juneteenth and the deities of the African diaspora. He’s also developed and produced a series of animated public service announcements designed to give Black heroes more representation in the world of nerd culture, and to bring awareness to Black children that their heroes exist everywhere. 

Today, Demetrius is the founder of Blerd and Powerful, an initiative aimed at growing Black-owned comic conventions as well as providing community support to his fellow Blerds, particularly those who endure daily mental and emotional hardships. His journey has been brought full circle in a character created in his likeness and inspired by his cosplay now appearing on the cover of “Masters of the Universe: Masterverse Issue #4,” published by Dark Horse Comics.



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