A Reminder

At its core, it’s a reminder that no matter what we endure online and in reality. the trolls, the racism, the imbalance of exposure when we do twice the work for half of the rewards…we are Blerd and Powerful. The way we move in our creation, the styles we perfect and the stories we’re able to tell…no one can prove that we are not those two words and we’re aiming to drill that in everyone’s minds.

Networking Hub

We aim to provide a space for where Black owned
comic conventions can share resources in order
uplift and prosper. With a cooperative and team-
like mentality, each individual entity can thrive in
ways they may not have on their own. With this
collaborative effort, deficiencies within the
infrastructure of some business can be
addressed and rectified through experience,
knowledge and an open mind.

Universal Symbol of Fortitude

The depiction of the Black Power Fist has always meant resilience against the most arduous of times. Where a closed hand represents unity in a collective struggle. Combining it with the Vestiges of One For All symbolizes the strength in numbers that can propel a unified front to unknown heights. If this does not embody Black, Nerd and Power…then we’re doing something wrong.


Demetrius Holt

Known as the World’s “Black He-Man”…Demetrius is a father, electrician, cosplayer and supporter of Black Owned Conventions looking to promote the Proliferation of Minorities Within Mainstream Media. The newest generations of Blerds are the ones who will surpass us all, Demetrius hopes to inspire them all to greatness.